Martin Paving entered the oil and chip business more than 25 years ago with Martin Road Oil, which serves local municipalities by extending the life of roads at an affordable price.

Oil and chip, also known as Bituminous Seal Coat or Chip Seal, covers an existing road with a layer of oil and stone that seals blacktop and provides a wearable surface at a fraction of the cost of resurfacing. This option is an effective way to seal cracks and helps to prevent new cracks and potholes.

Martin Paving takes advantage of new technology to reduce the amount of wasted material. Using a full-width computerized chip-spreader and distributor, oil and stone is spread from edge to edge rather than from the back of a dump truck or with a fixed head chip-spreader. This guarantees efficiency and an appealing finish.

Fog seals are specially designed emulsions that use a hard, non-sticky asphalt and can be sprayed directly on top of chip sealed road. There are many advantages to utilizing a fog seal. Benefits include better stone retention, moderately increased crack sealing, and an aesthetically pleasing black surface. Combining a fog seal with a small aggregate chip seal process is a cost effective way to seal roads in areas where oil & chip would not have been previously considered, i.e. residential streets.

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