Roads, driveways, and parking lots that are covered with dust can be a frustrating and dirty problem. Dust makes it difficult to keep vehicles clean and can lead to clogged air filters. Dust is also increasingly being viewed as an environmental issue.

Marvin Paving offers three products to help with dust problems: MC-30 dust oil, Emulsion prime coat, and Pennzsuppress. Dust oil can help stabilize stone areas and also keep expensive stone from disintegrating and floating into the air.

MC-30 dust oil has been around for many years. This asphalt-based dust oil uses a penetrant to allow asphalt to bind with stone and dust. After proper curing, a coat of MC-30 does an excellent job of not only controlling dust but also holding existing stone in place. After several treatments of MC-30, a layer of asphalt may develop, which would make additional oil unnecessary.

Emulsion prime coat is similar to MC-30 in that it uses asphalt to bind stone and dust. However, in place of the penetrant, this product uses water. The use of water makes emulsion prime coat a less expensive alternative to MC-30, albeit with limited durability.

Pennzsuppress is a relatively new product in the dust control market. This oil resin-based dust suppressant uses water to penetrate a surface and bind with dust particles. It is environmentally friendly and is pre-certified by the California Air Resources Board. It is safe for workers to handle and is non-corrosive to vehicles. Pennzsuppress is a safe alternative to traditional dust control oils.

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